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Cheating Spouse Betrayal Is A Common Taboo

Two out of the three words in the phrase ‘cheating spouse betrayal‘ have taboo associations. They are not used freely in polite society except in a pejorative sense. To cheat means to do something underhand, dishonest and unworthy. In current discourse the word is sometimes used figuratively in the phrase ‘to cheat death’. This is something of an oxymoron because two negative words, used together make the one positive rather than negative.

The word ‘betray’ is another verb with negative connotations and the noun ‘betrayal’ can hardly be used in a negative sense. It means to renege on the trust that someone else has in you. In culture, religion and society there are very many instances of betrayal but none are admirable.

Cheating Spouse Betrayal – You Should Know

A spouse is defined as a marriage partner. In marriage promises are made either implicitly or explicitly. In Christian marriage ceremonies couples traditionally promise in public and before God to be true to each other for the remainder of their lives. In reality many people divorce after the lapse of a few years. Therefore, dealing with betrayal can be regarded as common. Cheating may be even more common but it is not so often recorded in public.

cheating spouse betrayal
Cheating Spouse Betrayal – Legality and illegality. Betrayal may have legal consequences because marriage is a legal institution when entered into. When people are not officially married but living together as unofficial spouses a woman who has sex with another stranger or friend without the knowledge or approval of her partner may think of herself as having betrayed her partner if her conscience so dictates. However, there can be no legal consequences of such actions.

Although arguments would pertain on both sides the fact is that fantasizing is not legally actionable. Actual infidelity is. For this reason fantasy betrayal can be left in the realm of the unknown. It is unknown how prevalent or rare it is in relationships. Literature suggests, however, that figurative may be a precursor to the actual. Perhaps such fantasies emerge when something is fundamentally wrong in a relationship.

Actual cheating spouse betrayal may be sexual or non sexual. Actionable infidelity occurs when a spouse engages in adulterous activity or clandestine liaisons with a third person. A person must make a call, go out of his house and physically touch another person in a particular place. These clandestine actions are in a different sphere to simply imagining these things whilst in the company of a spouse.

Cheating Spouse Betrayal – Human Interest

Human interest. A great deal of popular cultures is devoted to issues associated with infidelity. Whilst divorce lawyers find lucrative avenues of remuneration journalists, novelists and film directors also work assiduously in the fields of sexual infidelity. They have done so since Samson grew his hair long and Delilah conspired to cut it short. Apparently the thirst for information, gossip and entertainment in this area is unquenchable.

Cheating spouse betrayal is not necessarily sexual in nature. In fact instances of non-sexual cheating, though less salacious, may be more perfidious. In some cases people live together, perhaps even attending churches services, whilst harboring deep hatred and murderous intent towards each other. Such hidden betrayal must surely be worse than legal divorce.

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